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Parent Responsibilities

Parental participation is mandatory. No student will be allowed at HCH without a parent or non-registered adult family representative in the building at all times, unless a student is enrolled in the Drop-Off Program (by application only, ages 12 and up).

No students, including siblings, are allowed in classes unless they are registered for that class. Only registered children may be on campus.

Do not send your child to class during the contagious stages of an illness (within 24 hours of a fever or vomiting) or with lice. We have a "no nit" policy. If your family contracts or has been exposed to anyone with Covid, please follow current CDC recommendations.

By registering your child in the HCH program, you agree to complete jobs every Monday at co-op according to your family schedule. It is imperative that you be on time for all jobs. 

Your family schedule indicates your weekly responsbilities for the periods you attend co-op. If you are assigned as a rover, this means you will not have the same specific job every week, but, instead, will be on a fill-in list for that period to help cover jobs of others who are absent. Please understand that, while you may not be used as a rover every week for for every period you are assigned as one, the expectation is that you will be available on a regular basis.

All parents should be at their job, in one of their children's classes, Study Hall, or foyer at all times. This assists us in locating you for child needs or job fill-ins. If you need to temporarily leave the building, please notify the person sitting at the Board Table.

Members are to dress modestly.

Do not socialize in the classes. Teachers and teacher's aides reserve the right to ask those disturbing class to leave.

Keep technology use (including texting and talking on the phone) limited to the foyer during your free periods.

Parents will be contacted if a disciplinary issue arises with their child and may be asked to remove their child from class. Parents are responsible for their children's actions and behavior.

Participation is contingent on Tuition and Fees being paid on time. Payments are made according to the Payment Schedule. Tuition and Fees are non-refundable.

All parents are required to abide by and help enforce HCH rules. Parents are responsbile for their children knowing and abiding by HCH rules.

All HCH co-op families must agree to abide by our host's rules, set for our groups while using their facilities.