General Policies

Information Table: An information center will be set up on the first floor in the Lobby. Each family will have a Family File. It is your responsibility to check your file weekly for co-op related information or class items from teachers. If you have information you would like to post at the Information Table, it must be cleared by the Board first and should be pertinent to homeschooling. Item posted do not necessarily constitute HCH, Inc. endorsement or promotion. 

Email: Emails are a main form of communication with HCH families. Please check your email regularly to stay updated with co-op events and information. 

Contacting HCH on Mondays: Do NOT call the church. The number for the HCH cell phone is (253) 906-8192. You can text or call this number on Mondays only (text preferred). You may also email the Advisory Board at 

Lunch: Lunch and snacks are to be eaten only in the Lunch Room during lunch time, 12:20-12:50. Parents are responsible to make sure that their children clean up after themselves. We will also have announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance, and prayer during this time. 

Parking: HCH parking is in the lower lot. If this lot if full, use the lower level of the upper lot. Use only the lower level entries into the building

Snow Days: If Peninsula School District (PSD) is closed or delayed, co-op classes will be cancelled. Do not call the church or HCH cell phone for information. School delays and closures are announced in real time on the PSD website ( and email notification from PSD is available upon request. The Board will send out an email in the event of a closure, but the earliest information will likely come from PSD.

Baby Care: Babies should generally remain in the Nursery. They are not allowed in the classrooms at any time (exceptions for infants may be given by the Board). Diaper changing should be done only in the nursery by the parent. If you are a nursing mother and need a quiet place to breastfeed, accommodations can be provided. 

Fundraising: Students may bring items to sell at co-op only if they are sold to support a non-profit fundraising event or mission trip. All items must be cleared by the Board and placed on the Information Table in the Lobby. Soliciting to individuals is not allowed.

Visitors: Every visitor must sign in at the Board Table and wear a name tag. 

Parent Responsibilities 

Parent participation is mandatory. No student will be allowed at HCH without a parent or non-registered adult family representative in the building at all times. 

By registering your child in the HCH program, you agree to complete jobs every Monday at co-op according to your assigned job schedule. It is imperative that you be on time for all jobs. 

If you are unable to fulfill your assigned jobs due to absence, it is your responsibility to find a replacement, notify the Jobs Coordinator (or another board member if she is not available), and record the information in the Absentee Notebook at the front desk.

All parents are required to abide by and help enforce HCH rules. Parents are responsible for their children knowing and adhering to HCH rules. 

Families are asked to respect the HCH standard regarding boy/girl relationships:

(1) Demonstrate respect for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

(2) Public displays of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are not acceptable at co-op. 

Members are to dress modestly. (See Student Responsibilities) 

All parents should be at their job, in one of their children's classes, Study Hall, the Cafe or Parent Work Area at all times. This assists us in locating you for child needs or job fill-ins. If you need to temporarily leave the building, please notify the person sitting at the Board Table.

No students, including siblings, are allowed in classes unless they are registered for that class. Only registered children may be on campus. Public or private school students may not attend HCH on Mondays. 

Do not send your child to class during the contagious stages of an illness (within 24 hours of a fever or vomiting), or with lice. We have a "no nit" policy.

Do not socialize in the classes. Teachers and facilitators reserve the right to ask those disturbing class to leave. 

Keep technology use (including texting and talking on the phone) limited to the Cafe or Parent Work Area during your free periods. 

Parents will be contacted if a disciplinary issue arises with your child, and may be asked to remove their child from class. Parents are responsible for their children's actions and behavior. 

No pets are allowed on the church premises. This excludes service animals.

Participation is contingent on Tuition and Fees being paid on time. Tuition and Fees are non-refundable. 

A non-refundable $70 registration fee per family must be paid at the time of registration. 

All HCH co-op families must agree to abide by the Fox Island Alliance Church rules set for our group while using their facilities. 

Student Responsibilities 

Show respect for all adults and peers. Be on time for class and prepared to learn. Participate willingly in classes and help with all clean-up. Do not leave the room without permission from the teacher or facilitator. 

Be in class or Study Hall (or Playroom for pre-school ages) at all times while on campus, with the exception of lunch time. Do not loiter in hallways or outside. Students may not leave campus without permission. 

Give your attention to God when we are praying and be respectful (remove hat and stand with hand over heart) during the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Food is allowed in the Lunch Room only. No gum. No running in the building. 

Laser pointers, knives, and weapons (real or play) are not allowed on campus. Please refrain from bringing anything to co-op that does not pertain to class or personal studies (toys, games, cards, balls, electronics, skateboards, etc).

All electronics, including cell phones, mobile devices and computers, are to be turned off before entering the building, and are to remain off until you leave for the day, lunch time included. Students may only use electronics at HCH if (1) a teacher allows electronic use during class time for class purposes and/or (2) they are being used to aid a student with independent school work during Study Hall.

Students may not be in the sanctuary balcony at any time. Students may not be in the sanctuary unless in a class. Students may not be on the stage or handle any FIAC equipment in the sanctuary (instruments, microphones, props, etc.). All church sound equipment, electronics, instruments, projectors, computers, etc. are off limits to students at all times. Show respect for church property. You will be held accountable for any damages caused by your actions. Elevators and the staircases by the church office are off limits. Do not lean over, drop objects over, or play around the light wells. 

Students are to dress modestly. Skirts, shorts and dresses must be fingertip length. Halter tops, shirts that reveal midriff or cleavage, off-the-shoulder tops, tops with spaghetti straps, sheer tops that show undergarments, and low riding pants that reveal underwear are NOT allowed. Clothing with graphics or writing should be non-offensive. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building. Teachers reserve the right to request that hats and hoods be removed during class.

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